‘Artbeat Brecon is a new initiative, funded by the UK Community Renewal Fund which aims to provide music-based workshops and training for anybody interested in using music to enhance well-being, support community, develop good communication and leadership skills and promote healthy relationships.

It’s not just about music!

Although ‘artbeat is rooted in music it aims to use musical activity to provide support in many other areas of everyday life such as:

lifelong education

health and social care

team building and leadership

community support e.g. older people and vulnerable groups

and it’s not just for musicians -‘artbeat aims to involve and support:

artists and music makers

actors and singers

teachers and music leaders

counsellors and therapists


children and families

social and healthcare professionals

support workers


vulnerable groups

the international community (including asylum seekers)

people with mental health issues or neuro-disability

the business community

marginalised groups

the business community

police and military


in short, ‘artbeat Brecon is for all!