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Many thanks to all who attended the Lifemusic taster sessions in October. The responses to the workshops were very positive and a selection are posted further down this page.

The ‘artbeat project is now entering its second phase which we hope will lead to a variety of events and initiatives over the coming months. These include:

  • Lifemusic Training – a well established 36-hour course for community musicians, social and healthcare workers, therapists, teachers, artists and anyone wishing to develop skills using the Lifemusic Method.
  • Singing for Health – sessions for all regardless of previous experience
  • Jazz Without Tears – monthly workshops for musicians wishing to develop improvisational skills in the jazz idiom
  • ‘Safe House’ Concerts – interactive performances bringing musicians together in live events
  • Participatory Music in Hospitals, Care Homes and Day Centres

Building Community

As partners and participants you will become part of a creative network which aims to support existing groups (music based and otherwise), organisations and individuals and, through music, bring together people whose paths might normally rarely or never cross.

Music provides a unique way of coming together, communicating, promoting well-being and building positive relationships. We welcome you to this space in this spirit of togetherness.

Lifemusic puts the ‘hum’ into human!

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If you want to take part, either as a partner, a participant, trainee or simply being kept informed of any events please get in touch now by emailing

Tel. +44 (0)7717 416319

Responses from participants in the taster sessions…

Enjoyed it greatly – the freedom within the safety of the group.”

I would recommend this to others.”

Encouraging for anyone wishing to participate.””Freedom to just play.”

Insights into how this can be effective in different environments.”


Ready to do more!”

Great respect for the approach and methodology.”

“I never thought I could do this kind of thing but the session gave me confidence in music-making and in myself.”

For further information read our feasibility study.