The Lifemusic Method

Developed and refined over many years by Rod, the Lifemusic Method is a well-tested and evidence based form of music making centred on improvisation which can be adapted and used both for established musical groups, such as choirs and orchestral groups or jazz ensembles and for community groups who will benefit from musical input and the extra-musical outcomes which music promotes.

The overall benefits of Lifemusic, based on previous evidence and feedback from diverse groups include:

  • well-being (emotional, physical and mental)
  • enhanced communication skills
  • increased self-confidence
  • social and inter-relational awareness
  • emotional literacy
  • community building
  • leadership skills

Lifemusic Method is built upon four principles:

  • Everyone is musical
  • there are no wrong notes
  • every sound has a meaning
  • making music develops trust

and contains four ingredients:

  • participation
  • communication
  • improvisation
  • celebration

It is inclusive, non-judgemental and highly accessible to all-comers.

The Lifemusic Training

‘artbeat Brecon aims to provide regular workshops and training in the Lifemusic Method, enabling people in all walks of life to use its potential in their professional work.

A 6-day training programme, established between 2008-2010 and designed for anyone who wishes to employ the method is ready to go.

The training is accessible to both trained and untrained musicians. Previous training groups have included:



counsellors and therapists

care workers

medical professionals



the business community

team leaders and people managers

Between 2010 and 2016 over 150 individuals took part in the training in the South of England and in the Irish Republic. Hundreds of Lifemusic sessions were delivered and many practitioners are still active today as members of the Guild of Lifemusicians.

The Lifemusic Method – Free training now available thanks to funding from the Shared Prosperity Fund (Making a Difference in Powys).